I first met Caleb and Alex because Alex was a bridesmaid in another wedding I shot in the San Luis Obispo area. I of course got to spend time with Alex throughout that day, but it was until the reception that she really made a mark on me. I remember seeing this really FREAKING cute couple on the dance floor, and sure enough it was Alex and Caleb, all cozied up and in their own little love-struck world. I LOVE seeing people in love on the dance floor, not afraid to get down. Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC when she asked me to be their own photographer! Their own wedding day arrived, and I made my way to the central coast of California to capture these two lovebirds. Alex is just the most beautiful human, like truly RADIANT. Her hairpiece and gown were quite literally angelic. Caleb has the most down-to-earth and sweetest soul alive, and you can tell in the photos of him with his little bro. The ceremony was JUST about to start, and IT STARTED DOWN-POURING!!! I don't even think there was rain in the forecast!!! They moved ALL their 300 guests inside, and were just about to start an INDOOR ceremony when the rain cleared, blue skies appeared out of nowhere, and a dazzling rainbow welcomed the sunshine. SO, in proper unexpected-wedding-day-shenanigans fashion, we moved everyone BACK outside, where everyone rallied with towels to wipe the chairs. The ceremony proceeded and was more beautiful than ever. The portrait session was golden glowy wonderment with these two beautiful souls just so in love. But my absolute FAVORITE part of the day was their dance party. Hands down, still the best one I've been to! It's not that it's been the craziest or wildest dance party, but it's because their entire families were on the dance floor at just about every second. It truly felt like one big celebration, their parents so excited for them, their bridal parties cheering them on all night, and everyone full of joy. I want to re-live this reception!!!! Pure championing of an incredible couple into their forever together!