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TALK ABOUT A POWER COUPLE. Fierce leadership, brave decisions, thoughtful conversations. Seriously you guys, they BOTH lead with generosity and love and some serious intentionality. I have learned a lot about Jesus from these two... and I'm not the only one! They make such huge impacts side by side.... oh and also they are SO DANG HOT I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM. My relationship with Erin goes way back. We ran track together in college, and then we worked at a summer camp together in Yosemite! She was the best darn girl's counselor ever. Contagious energy, deep wisdom. Then fast forward a couple years, and we got to live together for a summer right before they got married! Erin's impact on my life is far and wide!!! And goodness, her and Fadi just exude joy and strength wisdom. Very thankful for these two, and the soft golden light that enveloped us on this session evening!!!

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