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THIS WEDDING. This couple. I fell head over heels in love with these two at their engagement session. It was their humility and their utmost focus on each other. THEN THEIR WEDDING HAPPENED and I just can’t believe I got to have a glimpse into their lives and take part in their celebration. The ceremony was in the most beautiful Catholic Church just blocks from the beach in San Pancho, Jalisco. Cobblestone streets, Paleta shops by the beach. The most charming, surfer city. Then we drove to their reception that was literally ON THE SAND right next to a freaking jungle, and the most beautiful reception set up I’ve ever seen?! A mariachi band playing, margaritas being served in clay cups, the sun setting. We only took pictures for 5 minutes and then they wanted to go greet their guests— a perfect display of what meant most to them that day. Their friends and family. The WHOLE night was a FREAKING CELEBRATION— fireworks, live music, confetti, at one point every corner of the dance floor shot up flames?!?!?! Haha!!! Then at midnight, these fancy NACHOS were served to their guests (my dream). They danced the night away, they honored their Mexican culture, they united after 8 YEARS OF DATING. The wedding was SO WILD and they deserved every bit of it because of how incredible they both are. It was so beautiful to experience. All of it!!!

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