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Not enough exclamation marks possible for these two!!!!! Christa and Kyle are the people who never ask for attention, serving others behind the scenes and never asking for an ounce of attention or reward. They serve and they love and they pursue out of the truest intentions that can literally only be attributed to Jesus. The toasts this night brought me to tears because I know every word those people said were 10000% true. Christa, a woman who seeks out the outcast, loves the hurting, sees people the way the Lord sees them, never judging, always nurturing. I know Kyle less, and he's naturally shy and more reserved than most, but I figured that he had to be really really awesome if he was marrying THE Christa Smith. And it's true. His humility surpasses the world's search for attention, he observes quietly, and he cares deeply. His words are few but important, and that's truly the best way to speak if you ask me. Wow, these two are just PHENOMENAL and I wish you all could know them. They got married at The Colony House in Anaheim, and my favorite part of the whole day was right after the ceremony. You can see them walking back down the aisle, and right before they entered their "hideaway room", Christa burst into tears of joy. I snuck a photo of them embracing each other through a crack in the door. That moment is impactful, and then their bridal party entered and the celebration commenced. 


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