Jess and Brandon-203.jpg


CONTAGIOUS JOY. These two are tangible bliss together, the most giddy couple I’ve ever photographed. The cool part is that I knew both of them separately (pre-dating) when we all worked at a summer camp together. They are stellar humans on their own BUT as they’ve come together, their complete and utter JOY has been so obvious and so tangible. My favorite favorite part about them is that they behold each other with SUCH reverence, such intentionality. Jess is absolutely beautiful in every way, AND Brandon knows it. That may sound simple, but I think it’s a lot more than simple. You can tell when two people in their heart of hearts know and behold the complete and phenomenal gift that is in front of them, and that’s what I experienced during this shoot. And that’s why I’ve been STRUCK by this evening with them and why I think you can just feel their love in their photos!!! They did long distance for a majority of their dating relationship, which is why we started off in the back of their trunk! A lot of their time was spent in long drives to get to each other or long drives with each other. I love that they incorporated a big part of their story into this shoot!