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These two are some TOP NOTCH folks, like people-cheering-when-they-walk-in-the-room folks. Literally, the whole room burst into applause and cheers when Josh walked down the aisle.. I’ve never seen that happen!! The people love him! Karen is 1000% funnier than anyone will ever be, but also has this INTENSE kindness that makes you want to be in her presence 24/7. Oh and they’re both really really nice people. Their wedding day was straight up HOLY, and I cried at their ceremony and then again going through those pictures. They’ve been dating for a lot of years so all their people knew each other and it made for one huge family party. Karen did a first look with her dad, right outside the chapel that her grandfather was a pastor for. It was right down the street from their venue! Her dad sang to her during his speech, and everyone died of laughter and happiness. Their vows were breathtaking, the Habit burger they catered was delish, and the dance party was STELLAR. Scroll for evidence. 

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