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Everything about the day was drenched in thought, COLOR, uniqueness, and rad music. They got married in a brewery, walked down the aisle to the Cranberries, had yellow and orange bridesmaid dresses (!!!!!!!!!!!! that was everything), Megan made all her own signs, lush vines and greenery hanging from every corner, the funniest ceremony I've ever witnessed, yellow flowers everywhere, raging dance party, churros and red velvet cake, and 2 of the coolest and most beautiful humans who pulled it all off, the Pratts. They were effortlessly perfect, so present throughout the whole day, and their whole bridal party knew each other for years and years. It was like jumping into a really good sitcom where the love was REAL and the dance moves real-er (?). Quite possibly my all time favorite wedding I've shot because of how true the day felt. Aaaaaand because the colors were yellow and orange hehe. But mostly because Megan and Justin are downright incredible. Check out this unique wedding full of so many beautiful details and HILARIOUS dancing.

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